Conference Proceedings

Accepted abstracts are published on this website, and have been provided at the conference as hand-out to conference participants. A few copies of the abstract book are still available and can be ordered from the International Dupuytren Society.

Conference presentations have been video-taped and are available on the program_webpage.

Most papaers of the Groningen confrence have been updated to full papers and together with additional chapters from authors who were not able to come to Groningen, have been published in 2016 by Springer as printed and as electronic book, presenting the latest advances in research into Dupuytren disease and its clinical management:

P. Werker et al. (eds) "Dupuytren Disease and Related Diseases - The Cutting Edge"

Content overview

Important note: The e-book version of this book is generally not available for free download, except in some libraries of some countries, e.g. the USA. Websites claiming to provide a free download will be likely to be scam sites that are after your personal information! The complete ebook, but also individual chapters, can be bought from the publishing company.

For proceedings of the 2010 conference in Miami visit proceedings of the Miami conference.



International Conference on Dupuytren Disease and Related Diseases

Groningen, The Netherlands

22 / 23 May 2015


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